About Blue Harvest

Blue Harvest helps coffee farmers produce and process coffee sustainably and profitably. Partnering with coffee farmers, coffee cooperatives, millers, roasters, NGOs, researchers, government agencies, and other key actors in the specialty coffee sector, we work to improve coffee production and quality, increase incomes and livelihoods for farmers and farmworkers, and restore and protect land and water sources.

Founded in 2014, the Blue Harvest partnership is led by Catholic Relief Services (CRS) with funding from multiple sources across Latin America.

Drying coffee beans

Coffee Production

More than 3500 coffee farmers have adopted Blue Harvest practices, improving 66,662 hectares of land through sustainable soil practices and water resource management, increasing their coffee production by 20% to 300%.

José Alonso Benítez, 40, washes recently pulped coffee and separates the bad coffee that floats

Coffee Milling

We’ve helped design and build five new water-efficient large-scale coffee mills, 57 water treatment plants, and improved 2322 farm-scale coffee mills.

Farmers in fields


Over 800 farmers have sold more than 2155 tons of coffee to world-class coffee roasters, earning between $1.95 and $3.50 per pound for farmers, consistently outperforming the market. Today, Blue Harvest coffees have earned top scores in the Cups of Excellence and coffee auctions all across the Central American region.

Pumping Water

Water Supply

 Blue Harvest partners have helped improve 141 community water systems, improving access to water for nearly 145,000 people.