Greenwater And Bluewater

by | May 7, 2015

Key Insight

Bluewater is what flows through your coffee grounds to produce your black cup of goodness.

Blue Water and Green Water

This post builds on a recent post called “We all drink downstream”.

Over the past decade, a lot of water terms have been introduced to policy debates and popular media: water foot printingvirtual water, and the concepts of blue water, green water, and grey water. These concepts are important because they seriously influence water policy and decisions by companies throughout the world. They have also been discussed widely in the coffee world, and this blog.

Here, I’m going to focus on the concepts of bluewater and greenwater.

To start, it’s helpful to look at the water cycle (the US Geological Service’s has a very cool version). Being a cycle, there is no real starting point, but convention usually has it starting with water falling from the atmosphere as precipitation (rain, snow, ice, dew or fog).