A screenshot of the Water Balance Calculator online tool.


Measuring ROI Of Farm Management Activities On Water Resources In The Coffeelands

by | Nov 7, 2017

Key Insight

The WBC is a free, online interactive tool designed to give farmers and decision-makers the ability to quantify how certain agricultural practices increase water retention and decrease soil erosion.

Measuring how better management of coffee farms improve water resources in the Coffeelands

Blue Harvest started as an idea of how to restore and improve the management of water resources in coffee producing areas in El Salvador, Honduras and Nicaragua, while increasing the productivity of coffee farms located in our target watersheds.  As we have pointed out in the blog previously (hereherehere and here) coffee production and processing can have severely negative impacts on drinking water sources in the Coffeelands, through overuse, poor recharge and contamination by wastewater.  Yet, managed correctly, coffee farms can provide ample amounts of quality drinking water for rural communities.  The Blue Harvest project does this through a combination of approaches:

  • on the farm, by decreasing runoff and increasing soil infiltration;
  • at the wet mill, by promoting the efficient use of water to mill coffee and the proper treatment of wastewater;
  • in the watershed, by identifying key farms that served as recharge sites for community water sources;
  • in the community, through improving local water governance.