Praised Be Water

by | Oct 22, 2015

Key Insight

In this blog, we write little about our Catholic identity – but behind what we do is a set of principles, based on faith and sense of mission. In this post, I would like to highlight a source of these principles.

In May, Pope Francis published Laudato Si (Praised Be), his encyclical on the environment. This treatise is the continuation of a body of teachings on critical social, political, and economic themes by Popes that form Catholic Social Teaching. The first encyclical (Rerum Novarum) was published in 1891, and dealt with capital and labor. Laudato Si is brilliant and practical – 150 pages, 250 paragraphs.

For some inspiration to delve into the full document, see this short article on “Ten Takeaways”, written by James Martin – Stephen Colbert’s favorite Jesuit.

Specifically on the theme of water, see this short summary and commentary on Laudato Si, by Peter Gleick – the head of the Pacific Institute and a leading authority on water policy.