Water use efficiency results from the 6 Blue Harvest wet mills installed in Nicaragua.


Saving Water With New Ecological Wet Mill Designs

by | Mar 6, 2018

Key Insight

There are potentially billions of liters that we could save in Nicaragua alone and use for drinking water or other productive purposes such as irrigating crops.

Back in January, we presented some models of small wet mills that were designed to maximize water use efficiency and to treat wastewater generated by coffee processing.  CRS build these seven model wet mills as part of the Blue Harvest project, funded by Keurig Green Mountain and the Interamerican Development Bank. The original concept for this work emerged through a partnership with Leonardo Sanchez, a regional expert on wet mill wastewater treatment and on wet mill design.  Leonardo and the Blue Harvest team in Nicaraguan designed a standard wastewater treatment system for small wet mills (processing a maximum of 560 quintales [100 lb. bags] of green coffee per harvest, which was then adapted to each farmers’ unique context.