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The CRS Coffeelands Advisory Council

by | Oct 6, 2015

Key Insight

Beyond creating these sources of value, the Coffeelands Advisory Council represents a rare platform for collaborative exchange at origin on supply chain practices among companies that are competitors in the marketplace.

Last week, we celebrated International Coffee Day by announcing a $4.5 million commitment to establish the CRS Coffeelands Program, a global effort to pursue our vision for the future of the coffee sector: smallholder coffee growers who are organized, profitable and resilient; coffee farmworkers who are dignified, engaged and empowered; and coffee-growing landscapes that build natural capital, mitigate the impacts of climate change and deliver more clean water to communities that lie downstream.

Bringing this vision to life, of course, depends in great measure on coffee companies whose policies and practices balance the pursuit of profits with a commitment to make the coffee trade more inclusive, more equitable and more ecologically responsible.  That’s why we are creating the Coffeelands Advisory Council—a small group of coffee companies that shares our vision for the coffee sector and an interest in collaborating with us.