The Machete Vs The Hoe

by | Jun 18, 2015

Key Insight

Recently, I witnessed the impact of the hoe on a coffee farm, and learned to appreciate the virtue of a machete even more.

Blessed is the Machete

A machete makes a wonderful wedding gift. After working many years with farmers around the world, I learned to value the multiple functions a machete offers a family: it’s a knife, a lawn mower, vegetable peeler, screwdriver, tree pruner, and so much more. A few years ago, my friends Sara and David cut their wedding cake with an engraved machete from El Salvador – I wept.

In contrast, I would never consider giving a hoe as a wedding gift. That would be absurd.

Someone needs to write a book on the “The Hoe and the Demise of Earth”.  Research for this book should start with Daniel Hillel – a brilliant scientist, laureate of the World Food Prize, who describes soil as the “crucible of terrestrial life” and theological basis of humanity’s creation.

The history of the hoe would show how it has been used throughout history to destroy and degrade soil. Building from Hillel, as the hoe destroys soil, and soil is sacred, it follows that the hoe is evil.