Know your source.

Blue Harvest cultivates partnerships to protect and restore water resources in the coffeelands.


Liters of water conserved per year

Acres of coffeelands restored

Community water systems improved

What we do

Blue Harvest helps small-scale coffee farms be more profitable through sustainable farming, effective post-harvest practices, and access to just and reliable markets.

We focus on ensuring communities in the coffeelands have access to safe and abundant water.

On-Farm Training and Technical Support

Blue Harvest trains farmers on agricultural practices focused on soil health, water and soil conservation, and coffee quality to increase farm profitability and climate resilience.

Water Resource Management

Blue Harvest works with local stakeholders to conserve and protect watersheds that are the water sources for communities in the coffeelands.

Linking Producers and Buyers

We link coffee farmers with buyers and roasters who share our values for safeguarding water resources and ensuring a fair income for farmers.

Learning and Advocacy

We continuously strive to be more effective and efficient, by learning and sharing with all our partners.

map of central america where Blue Harvest operates

Where we operate

We are constantly expanding our partnership as we link coffee farmers with buyers and roasters who share our values for fair income for farmers and safeguarding water resources.

We currently work in El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras, Nicaragua, and Mexico.

“The story of Blue Harvest is the positive impact on the people and communities.”

-Michael Sheridan, Intelligentsia Coffee

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